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Upcoming Show

Weapons of Mass Change

Reception Date April 26th 8pm-11pm

Weapons of Mass Change travels to Washington DC for its second stop after premiering in Richmond, VA. The show, which benefits humanitarian missions around the world, enlists an eclectic mix of talented artists to transform weapons into art objects, stripping them of the violence that they are commonly associated with. This act serves as a reminder of art’s powerful influence and the need for it especially in war torn areas of the world.  The pieces ranging from handguns to grenades to riot shields, will be sold with partial proceeds going to the "Sniper Campaigns" which are humanitarian missions throughout the world started by the artists of The Army of Snipers...... READ MORE


Upcoming Show

El Mundo De Los Luchadores

Event Date May 4th 2pm-7pm

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year by watching live lucha libre (Mexican professional wrestling). Lucha libre is a battle between good and evil.  In lucha libre slang a “tecnico” is a good guy and a fan favorite and a “rudo” is a bad guy and will do anything to win. Lucha libre has been a Mexican tradition for over 80 years.  On Sunday, May 4th, come see the glimmer of their colorful masks as wrestlers Pequeno Pierroth, Sangra de Aguila, Hijo de Dr. Wagner, Hijo de La Park, and the Caveman spin through the ring; smell the traditional Mexican street food; and dance to the beat of live music when you attend el Mundo de Los Luchadores -- the world of Mexican pro wrestling -- presented by Art Whino....... READ MORE


Upcoming Show

2014 Richmond Mural Project

June 16th- June 27th

Art Whino returns to Richmond, VA for the third installment of the Richmond Mural Project.  After completing 48 murals during the last edition of the mural project, Art Whino will work with eight to twelve of the top muralists from around the world  to curate another round of murals. Last year brought an incredible amount of press coverage and the murals made it on top lists such as Buzzfeed, which ranked the Etam Cru mural #3 Best Street art in the world of 2013. Bringing Richmond a sampling of the great variety of mural work worldwide, just as in past years, the selection of artists will feature a dynamic range of styles and subject matter which creates a unique experience for visitors, providing a glimpse into a worldwide movement in one city.  The creation of another 20 murals this ...... READ MORE

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