zombiefest 2012 - October 27, 2012

Event Highlights

It’s a regular night in DC. Your friends have joined you for what would be a fun night at the Fairgrounds and the Bull Pin bar (longest outdoor bar in DC)... [insert scary music]... then you look closer at your friend... [insert even scarier music]... and she is a ZOMBIE! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Welcome to Halloween Zombie Fest at the Half Street Fairgrounds in DC. Join the Zombie Horde for...

  • A Zombie dance party hosted by DJ Lil'e
  • Classic Zombie films playing on two HUGE screens
  • A Zombie obstacle course where you have to escape with your life
  • A Zombie factory where humans are turned into Zombies
  • The Bull Pin - Longest outdoor bar in DC AND the longest bar to ever serve Zombies
  • Awesome Food Trucks serving human food, not as good as brains... but it will do
  • Drink Specials for Zombies (come dressed up!)
  • Best Zombie Costume Contest
  • Zombie Art!
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