"Visual Notes" The Solo Show of Lou Pimentel - August 17, 2013

In this series of portraits and partial nudes, Lou Pimentel explores moments and glimpses captured by the artist’s mind- his visual notes. These works intend to highlight the beauty of the female form in Pimentel’s distinct use of watercolor. His raw and spontaneous application is evident in this new body of work which exemplifies his continuos growth in his addition of pencil shading to add luminosity and depth. The result is one especially suited for the subject at hand, with the added softness and vibrancy, Pimentel’s muses come to life with a new expression and dimension that reaches beyond his previous works.

About the Artist

Lou Pimentel

Lou Pimentel is a multidisciplinary artist based out of New York City. Born in Santo Domingo, the heart of the Dominican Republic, he and his family made the move to Florida when he was four years old and subsequently settled in Brooklyn five years later. Having started drawing at age four with the help of his father, he eventually found inspiration in his teenage years from the pages of comic books and the vibrant street art scene of his adopted city. However, not satisfied with relying soley on his self-honed skills, Pimentel applied and was accepted to the prestigious School of Visual Arts in NYC, where he earned his BA in Illustration. Upon graduation and now armed with the techniques of the old masters but still retaining the indelible influence of street and pop-art, his work is a visual outpouring, reflective of the inspirations that guide his life - his daughter Maddie, son Andrew, cartoons, graffiti and the art that surrounds us in our every day lives. No matter what the medium, whether it be oils, acrylics, spray paint, water colors and sculpting, Lou takes pleasure in utilizing whatever methods necessary in order to convey his artistic directions.

Recent projects include artist sketch cards based on Lucasfilm's Star Wars series via Topps Trading Cards and collectible toy designs for myplasticheart, a NY-city designer toy institution, shop and gallery





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