Un Cachito de lo Nuestro - January 30, 2010

Un Cachito de lo Nuestro
“A little Slice of Ours”



CUTTHROAT’s strident stencil works center around politically charged and power-packed monochromatic imagery. His subject matter rings close to the locals of his upbringings, which took him across the Mexico border and back again, in a familial search for a better life. His images refer to the cultures that have underlined his everyday experiences, giving the viewers a rare inside perspective on what we may only understand from a distance.

His signature stencil style is the product of what he calls “a detailed and involved process,” which serves as a Zen-like experience for the artist. Methodical attention, he says, is necessary to be satisfaction with his pieces. “I know that there is a beginning and an end. I always hope that my audience appreciates the detail in my work. If they can notice that, I can be content.”

Saturday, January 30th, from 6pm – Midnight

Location: Art Whino Gallery
173 Waterfront St.
National Harbor, MD 20745

Show end date: February 30th

Music by Black Cats Resident DJ Lil'e

The event is FREE and open to the public.

ImageCUTTHROAT was born in Houston, Texas. After his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia for a few years, then they relocated to Mexico.
His early years were spent in Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi. There in the dusty playground of a private school he tried to enamor his elementary sweetheart with elaborate colorings of his favorite Disney characters. When he was a teenager, his family returned to Houston, where he began “tagging.” The rush of graffiti fueled his craving for more urban art. He delved into the hip-hop lifestyle and sharpened his skill using the East End and the train yards as his canvas.

Now, years later, CUTTHROAT’s art has become a widespread in-your-face campaign fusing striking images and a monochromatic palette to invoke politically charged emotions and cultural embracement. Some labeled CUTTHROAT an iconoclast, but his sincere intention is to shed light using the semblance of individuals who have an enduring spirit of revolution. His contemporary medium has turned into an educational journey. From sticker-slapper to visual messenger, CUTTHROAT has established himself as one of the area’s most recognized artist.

His artwork has been featured in numerous Houston exhibitions, including the Houston Institute for Culture, and was recently featured in San Antonio’s Contemporary Art Month and in-group shows at Art Whino gallery. CUTTHROAT will be profiled in the upcoming “Stick’em Up,” (www.stickemupmovie.com) a documentary on Houston’s wheat pasting art scene.



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