Sewn Well: The Solo Show of Toobz Muir - May 1, 2013

"Sewn Well"
The Solo show of Toobz Muir
at Richmond's First Friday Art Walk

The subjects of Toobz’ work seems to be at once perfect in their imperfection. In this reality, his soft treatment of these features contributes a beauty of what may in a different light seem deformed. The artist’s unique perspective derives from his father’s calcium deficiency which led to many facial reconstructions and a catalyst for the artist’s work. “Sewn Well” refers to the aritst’s life experience, it enables him to see the beauty within and look past the exterior to find what is real, it allows him the ability to create beauty that is one of a kind.

About the Artist: 

Toobz Muir

At an early age, TOOBZ began his creative lifestyle through observation and utilizing everything around him to create something useful. Learning that he was colorblind initially caused him to feel intimidated by color. He at first chose to stick with a limited palette, but through training and progression, this biological limitation was no longer a disadvantage. In the early 80s, TOOBZ was influenced by the graffiti culture. Explorations with abstract lettering and wildstyle expression created a much-needed outlet. Since this experience he has delved into new media and colors, and incorporates all the inspiration he encounters in worlds real and unreal to teach himself and others.

The debate about art school and the money that it required propelled TOOBZ on his journey of self-teaching. Without formal art education, he began teaching himself that all things have a similar process. Through this rule, there is nothing that his hands will not attempt to grasp and explore. TOOBZ did not start his serious journey into visual arts until his mid-twenties. Since then, there has been a push and pull of understanding how these processes weave their similarities into different mediums. Although it has been a long road, TOOBZ discovered within himself the patience to find meaningful self-expression, continually waking to everything around and inside him through the passion of this drive. 




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