Mild Climate - November 17, 2012

"Mild Climate"
Collaborative Show & New Works Featuring
Blaine Fontana & Amy Ruppel
In this collaborative series of paintings Blaine Fontana and Amy Ruppel find common ground in nature. Juxtaposing their two artistic styles, Fontana’s graphic approach with Ruppel’s realism, the Portland, OR artists create works that are unified in their references to the world around us. The earth tones typical of Fontana’s work and the depictions of animals in Ruppel’s, join to create a balance where the singular artist is no longer visible.  Through their combined multi media approach the two present these Seven pieces that at once portray their similarities while using contrasting elements that support and elevate the other’s work.  As well as the collaboration works there will also be individual pieces from each artsit on exhibit.
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