El Mundo de Los Luchadores 2015 - May 2, 2015

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year by watching live lucha libre (Mexican professional wrestling). Lucha libre is a battle between good and evil.  In lucha libre slang a “tecnico” is a good guy and a fan favorite and a “rudo” is a bad guy and will do anything to win. Lucha libre has been a Mexican tradition for over 80 years.  On Saturday, May 2nd, come see the glimmer of their colorful masks as wrestlers spin through the ring; smell the traditional Mexican street food; and dance to the beat of live music when you attend el Mundo de Los Luchadores -- the world of Mexican pro wrestling -- presented by Art Whino. Head to Navy Yard on Saturday, May 2nd for a full day of excitement, including a Luchador inspired live painting, Mexican pop music, and more. This is an all ages, family friendly event!
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