DR76 ALLBLK 6" DIY Vinyl Figure by Dragon76 x Martian Toys

DR76 Ouroboros ALLBLK
DIY Vinyl 6” Figure

What is this Dark Future we’ve been dealt? Is It just the beginning to a series of striking blows to dismantle reality? Could be.  Who knows what faces this ominous platform may have in store. 

DR76 ALLBLK rings in the first Dragon76 Release of 2021 with a Ferocious Flat Black DIY Vinyl.  Brought to you by Martian Toys

Will you be the of the few to challenge its apocalyptic form? 

We suggest you do not sleep.

  • 6” Vinyl 
  • Flat Black DIY
  • 2x SprayCan Accessory
  • 2x Paint Roller Accessory
  • Wave 1 of 100 Units
  • Ready for your Mark
  • Not for the Weak
  • $75
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