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James (Jimbot) Demski Jr. lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife, his daughter, his 2 crazy dogs, and possibly a captive robot he keeps in his basement. After graduating from art school, James began re-programming his over-schooled brain, and took work as a freelance artist... he has been doing it ever since. Besides painting and sculpture, he really enjoys working on his plans for world domination, and creating his robot army (which he will use for said world domination plans). Jimbot’s influence comes from his childhood, and the fears that followed him as he grew up. Cartoons, comics, toys, fun, insecurities, happiness and anger all intermingle in his work. He brings all of this together in paintings, drawings and mixed media. His work usually deals with different emotions and feelings: happiness, sadness, curiosity, anger, etc, but more than anything, he likes to have fun with his imagery. Usually though, the interpretation of his work is left up to the viewer, letting them establish their own ideas of his world, much like we are left to interpret the real world on our own.

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